Independence Examiner 2005 in Review

Also in January, police investigators found new evidence in the December 2004 disappearance of Summer Shipp. Her Chopper Shopper Card from Price Chopper was mailed to her house. Independence resident Jeffrey Sauerbry was arrested on traffic warrants and held for questioning in the case. He is thought to be the last person to see Shipp when she disappeared from an Independence neighborhood. In February, the area around Blue Springs Lake was searched for clues after an anonymous tip, but nothing was found. During a search in a wooded area of Independence, one of Shipp's credit cards was also found. Shipp's daughter Brandy, then appeared on the "Montel" show in April, which focused on missing persons.

In May, the yard of Sauerbry's mother was searched, which revealed nothing. Sauerbry was arrested again in December for violating his supervised release. He is now in federal custody. Although considered a person of interest in the case, there has never been any physical evidence linking him with Shipp's disappearance.