Valentine 4th of July Parade Photos

On the 4th of July 2005, Valentine Neighborhood Association staged its annual 4th of July Parade.  In attendance were former Kansas City Mayor Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver, Missouri State Senator Charles B. Wheeler, and City Councilman Jim Glover.  During the parade Brandy Shipp was able to walk with Congressman Cleaver and update him on the status of the Summer Shipp missing persons case.  The complete Calendar of Events from this website was given to Congressman Cleaver so that he could be apprised of all of the efforts that Brandy and countless others have put forth in the search for Summer.  State Senator Charles B. Wheeler was also very interested in hearing about Summer's case and will be meeting with Brandy to discuss what can be done to help.  Thanks to Congressman Cleaver, Senator Wheeler, and Councilman Glover for taking the time to listen and for their offers of assistance in the ongoing investigations.

Brandy with Senator Charles B. Wheeler

Brandy with Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver