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PUBLIC Invited to attend The "BRING KIM HOME" PRAYER & CANDLELGHT VIGIL for (Kimberly Ann Langwell) JULY 16th,2005 corner Dowlen & Phelan Blvd, beginning at 8:00 PM Beaumont ,Tx

Event will include Speakers

DeDe Keene

*DeDe Keene Vigil Co-ordinater and Co-Founder A.M.A.L.P NP Foundation Ministry,

Pastor Phillip Baugh

*Pastor Phillip Baugh leading Prayer and Singing, THE ROCK Community Outeach Center in Groves,Tx  

*Susan Butts (Sister to Kim), Beaumont,Tx

*Officer Beaumont PD (tentative)

Donny Brown

*Officer Donny Brown brother of Missing Monica Appleton & Founder Find Monica Foundation, Pampa,Tx

Brandi Shipp

*Brandy Shipp daughter to Missing Summer Shipp, Kansas City, MO.

Jill Bennett

*Jill Bennett, representative of Find Carrie Culberson in Gainsville GA.

*Judy Bennett, representative of Find Carrie Culberson in Gainsville GA.

*Kristin Jackson, representative of the Smart/Modaferri group - The Two Kristins, from New Braunfels, TX

*Balloon release, hand out Fliers.
Bubbles for children.

BYO -->Chair and Water<--

Candles provided.

Thank you's got out to:

*CVS Pharmacy for the use of Electricity and allowing us to hold the vigil on their premises.

*Louise Holmburg from Bristol, NH , Aunt to Missing Lorne Boulet for donating, laminated poster cards, candles, posters.

Klecka Family

* Darrell, Linda and Savannah Klecka of Klecka Electric in San Aantonio,Tx for Balloons, Candle Holders.

Betty Ames

*Betty Ames of Ashby Real Estate and Mother to Missing son Jim Joel Pearce , Vidor,Tx for her contribution.

*Julie Owens of Vidor,Tx A.M.A.L.P Ministry Assistant arranged for Electricity,and Media Contacts with Radio Stations.

BLESS YA! dede